Desert’s Truth

Spirit’s heart at horizon’s length,
‘neath azure skies that strike the sound
of echoed desert silence,
does rise in rhythm, call in strength
to speak no lies and bless the ground
with feet so drummed, no violence.

Expanse of land and eagle’s call,
draws canyon’s echo above, below,
so still the morning air –
plunge to valley’s depth in fall,
feather swept in roll to show
the fabric of all living there.

Yet great expanse, by nature’s hand,
grounds the very soul of me –
blends me insignificant,
yet carries tall the truth I see.
This balance here, all I’ve sought.

This fabric found in passion’s tones,
bleaching red and grey in sum,
culling canyon’s echoed heart
and where imaginations run,
so in holds this lesson taught –

“We stand amidst these finer things
of nature’s truth and simple love.
We, but moment’s beating heart
to draw it in and rise above.
We, in soulful duty and
in balance of this nature’s law.
We, by granted stewardship
must echo truth here gathered, all!
So live each moment’s truth
in balance and in honesty
of what this desert gives as proof
and what we know of ‘we’!”


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2 responses to “Desert’s Truth

  1. Reblogged this on jaybluepoems and commented:

    Worthy of another visit…

  2. I Love the old building pic. Old Buildings are marvelous, somehow, to me. They tell tales.

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