I Love You Everywhere

With you, my love, my world’s complete
when in my arms you rest your head
upon my shoulder, your fragrant hair against my cheek,
through moments where love’s need not said,
but experienced in this blissful touch,
where hearts beat close and hands speak much
of the tenderness I desire for you.

And as I hold you close and quiet,
I know I’ll love you for all time,
for you have quelled the senseless riot,
that in my heart once held me blind
to the truth of such sweet love.

Protect and hold you, I always will,
in quiet peace or noisy day,
for you, my heart does always thrill
to sense your touch or hear you say,
“I love you”.

With you I’ll spend eternity,
that I may hold you close, and feel
the sweetness of our love’s deep truth,
and through all time let our hearts reel
in what this love with us will share.
It’s you I love with all I am,
and you I do love everywhere.

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One response to “I Love You Everywhere

  1. glo blue

    I love you so my Jay! You are my love, my sweetheart. Thank you for everything!

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