Along this wooded path I’ve seen
a gift from God, in forest, serene
in balance within the moment
regardless of the season…
Through every day’s recursive stride
I walk to find where nature hides
the budding secret of life’s true reason,
and so in, hear the thoughts of God…

Chickadees by pond’s edge veldt,
in balance, and in flurry
fast, to drying stalks of grass,
retrieve the seasons seed and hurry
home, or on to next good purpose…
Geese, in autumn’s heart, collecting
souls in congregation,
bless the cool gray waters still,
relieve the pensive hesitation,
paint silent lines upon its surface…

Quiet tho’, the patterns here
seem mutely odd to passerby,
‘tis where life’s balance shows its will,
resolves the question to ask God why…
for the answers all about us…
in reeds now turning loose from womb,
in autumn’s quiet encroaching tomb,
in silent woods birds call lament,
life’s truth in answer around us sent…
no need for why, just trust…

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