In between the spaces
of moment’s task and purpose rent,
there my silence carries forth
intentions of my life thus spent.

There the wave recalled in part,
of sitting in a silent heart,
there in quiet attention find
the peace of purpose I know is mine.

So I strive to honor such
in meditation’s moment paused –
learn to give in every breath,
judge not and learn from nature’s laws
which show the truth in present’s mending,
no malice known, yet open, rending
ebb and flow in all that matters,
adjunct to soul and cosmic batter,
of which all life’s instilled.
Yet we, as men, still have free will

To soul’s sweet purpose, thus we strive –
balance such against the living
days in which our bodies wrought,
a spirit’s experience, yet sometimes caught,
and there’s our lesson’s giving.

That truth and love is what we lend,
when to our special purpose tend
our thoughts and kindness in honest tow,
therein reveal our spirit, show
the life we’re meant to live,
when to our silence trust we give…

Amongst the ether, there show our heart,
one in all, all in part…

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