Eternal Walls I’ll Climb

In ancient times I’ve held you,
I’ve traveled far, upon the sea or over fields of green,
to return to you from conquests vast,
as viking, knight, and warrior seen.

I’ve traveled through millennia
to right the wrongs of an endless love,
that’s been tragic, lost, removed too young,
yet no distance quells this love.

Neither time, nor earthly displacement
can conquer this kindling fire,
for ours, the very words were written
of a passion and desire
that others mimic Shakespearean,
or prose there crafted on a moonlit night,
for ours, the fabric through all time
to lovers lost or tragic, have bathed in such a light!

Our story lived throughout our lives,
in every historic setting,
has found us here, in each other’s arms,
without a thought’s regretting,
for our story must be told!

For you my love eternal,
eternal walls I’ll climb,
to find you and to love you,
this love is ours, sublime!

Eternally yours…

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