A lascivious smile my spring love moons,
when moments quiet the afternoons.
In shadowed loft where time grows still,
my love and I, unleashed, do fill
the hours with desire.

A simple touch, a hand that lingers,
a wanton look and taste of fingers,
the kindling of this fire.

The gentle pheromone rush that shames
the candle to her dancing flame,
draws shadows twisted, entangled, one,
as hair and sweat and flesh do sum
this room removed from late-day light.
Two bodies one, to souls in flight
to where the ether flies above,
to dance in spiritual locks of love.

Flesh dissolved to earthly means
as hands and fingers push the seams
away –
till passion’s kiss will only stay
to bind us to this earth,
all else is gone and so immersed
our conscience rises from the rest
to explode in heaven’s light as blessed!

Such passion wages war with time,
halts the moment’s temporal rhyme,
holds each note in measure long,
then synch’s in downbeat’s heartfelt song!

Wrestling, grasping, scent and flesh,
tangled, holding, till nothing’s left
but two in melting washed repose,
heart beats pounding in ecstasy’s throes.

Then slowly day resolves the room
and brings the peace of afternoon,
reflects a sparkled glimmer kept
in eyes of love and teardrop wept.

For two whose souls belong as one,
in passion’s love can call the sum
of all their hearts can feel –
but only in the lays of soul
can love’s sweet truth acknowledge full
the depth of what is real.

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