Dare to stand between the lines
of metered meaning rhyme,
that space between the pen and page,
in infinitesimal time
where image conjured draws a slow
distortion through the space to think,
and forms another angled truth
before the page is wet with ink.

Dare to chance the rhythm’d flash
that grows in instant, yet’s quickly passed
to roll beyond the comma’s stay,
there bend the meaning of every lay.

Dare to let subconscious reign
when guided by a sweet refrain,
leave the moment fading fast
where each pen stroke might change the cast
of what you really want to say,
of what you thought so purposed,
so spent in dancing pen at play
brings only soul to surface.

Dare to watch the pen ignite
its personality won,
you think you writer, but that’s not quite
what happens when the pen stroke’s done.

Dare to set emotion free
through meditative spirit,
guide what’s written but let it be,
that as it’s written, heart it!

Dare to synch your worldly thoughts
with living ink and pen,
don’t think, don’t count or hesitate
just let the ether in.

Dare to open window frames
and push your head beyond,
listen in the whispers there
and let the page take such ink on.

Dare to write what comes to you,
what flows through ink to page –
find immutable spirit there,
and free it from its cage!


Filed under Perpective, Poetry, Universal Soul

3 responses to “Dare

  1. that’s writing quite consumed and keeping a wide circumference that flexes!

  2. beautifully expressed Jay…well done

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