On Angel’s Wing

Suspended in a dream adrift,
tensioned gossamer wings have I,
in cloud and sunburst flux I shift,
held above beholding eye.

Roaring motive power drones
to silent whisper’s sweetest kiss,
hushed in mansion’s morning sum,
aloft the clouds in drunken bliss.

Seraphim, the farrier
by which my steed is shod,
for here there is no barrier
to joyous grin and thankful nod.

In roll and dive – “alive”
becomes a paltry exclamation,
when screaming “free!” is what I feel,
so fuels that acclamation!

In bending will, I balance here
twixt heaven and earth in flight,
solely bound to duty,
yet soar as angel amidst the fight.

Through golden glint and rays of hope,
my wings and I aloft partake
defense of homeland’s truth and honor,
balanced here for freedom’s sake.

Wings I’ve earned from warrior’s test
to take my battles to the sky,
proudly pinned upon my chest
as courage badged to fight and fly!

My love of hearth and home holds dear,
for each moment’s test is blessed in love,
that good shall conquer tyranny,
and free men shall rise above!

On Angel’s wings I fight it here!

(in honor and memory of all those that have served)

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One response to “On Angel’s Wing

  1. glo blue

    What a beautiful tribute. I also just saw you take a step back in time my love. I can see you flying for your country. I love you!

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