Something Pulls Me

Something there does pull me –

Between the cracking daylight’s seam
and worn to rest at end of dusk –
Something there does pull me –

It leads with motivation born
upon the robin’s morning song,
guides me through a calm enjoyment
wrapped in sun’s rays streaming long.

I task about the pre-work day
with peace of spirit as my guide,
through feeding squirrels, birds, and dog
and watering potted plants outside.

It queues the time for coffee
in synch with chores’ work done,
sits me calmly in front of her,
to loving smile and morning sun.

It pulls me through the work day
with strength in knowing what I do.
It grants my confidence courage
to dive into the corporate zoo.

Yet it pulls me with a knowing
that every moment’s purpose met
will see in me the best of me,
on paths there meant for me I’ve set.

It draws me through the weekend chores
where hands grow tired and sting with sweat,
yet grants a cooling summer breeze
to pleasure useful purpose yet.

It builds a satisfaction
in craftsman’s work and job well done,
it strokes my motivation best
when worn I find it’s all been fun.

And so to evening’s solitude,
a final gift it brings,
granted quiet with pen and pad,
and cigars by which I can blow rings.

Something there does pull me –
Exactly what or who, I’ve guessed,
but the granted gifts in following,
are love, and purpose, and living blessed.


Filed under Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

7 responses to “Something Pulls Me

  1. The corporate zoo 🙂 Such a wonderful poem about life.

  2. WB

    Very good writing.

  3. Wonderful writing and self awareness !

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