One Eyed Bessy

One eyed Bessy
wore a parka in July,
people in the city park
would pause to wonder why.

Her one footed lover
kept a three legged dog,
and upon a unicycle rode
each morning through the sea shore’s fog,

With one huarache sandal,
bermuda shorts and white tank top,
he’d ride with Bessy everyday
through the park to only stop
to wait for Stubs the dog to lift
his missing leg to pee,
then off again they’d serpentine,
laughing on their way to see
the California sea lions
upon the beach in summer’s heat,
where they’d join the barking chorus
and sing out loud in happy beat.

Their special treat was ice cream,
when pennies found were counted spare,
that on the pier they’d pleasure day,
to sit and talk without a care.

Theirs is but a story
about the strength to rise above,
that they in jigsaw pieces found
life’s laughter and the truth of love.


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15 responses to “One Eyed Bessy

  1. Matrone Bell

    This was fantastic, you have quite the mastery over making your poetry flow smoothly. 😀

    • Thank you! I truly appreciate your kindness. It was a fun one to write.

      • Matrone Bell

        What was the inspiration behind it?

      • In 2002 I overheard two pieces of a conversation. Something like … “one eyed Bessy”… and then “She wears her Parka in July!” It hit me as funny and I immediately saw one eyed Bessy, her lover, his dog, the unicycle, etc… I made a note to write this silly thing one day… Last night, it came out without me really thinking about it alot… One Eyed Bessy is finally free!

      • Matrone Bell

        Thats fantastic! I love how inspiration strikes in the oddest ways

      • I wish I could put the images in my head into film. I can se the whole relationship…

      • Matrone Bell

        Who says you can’t? A couple of friends, some props and the cam on your mobile phone 😀 I would watch it

  2. Pat Tomnay

    This could actually be a song, Jay. A really good one, I think………….

  3. Excellent weaving of metaphors !

    • Thanks Deb – I keep seeing the crazy serpentine motions in the park – one eyed blind, one footed unicycle, and a three legged dog. Cracks me up … but paints such an interesting image. Thanks my friend.

  4. smiles. a rather sweet poem of their overcoming…and finding love

  5. Wonderful I LOVE IT… so uplifting and inspiring! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story! 🙂

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