Mountain Valley

Stretched across this mountain valley
and verdant sweeping slopes,
my soul relaxed in ether
bathes in nature’s loves and hopes.

Rich the forest floor in duff –
Loamy scent of fir and earth –
Harmonies on summer’s breeze –
Life whispered in the pine’s true worth –

Mountain meadow flowers bloom
in dreams of water colored hues.
A magpie perched as stoic guard
protects the “awe” ‘neath azure blue.

Through every tensiled fabric,
I sense this life, this current’s blood,
that into this I’m welcomed, drawn,
as soul and heart expand in flood.

Granite spired backdrop –
Sentient babbling brooks –
A pawing fawn yields a nod,
returns my loving looks –

Enraptured here, my spirit slain
by mountain’s giving life,
that I may see the thoughts of God,
and count this land my nature’s wife.


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Poetry, Universal Soul

4 responses to “Mountain Valley

  1. Genie

    Just gorgeous.

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