Write O Poet! Write!

Stand O King, amidst the hoard, drop your face, your shield, your sword. Draw a longer night for two, dance in pheromone candle hue. Scent and wring the shadow long, twist her limbs about yours strong, carry her sweet, carry her wrong, but stand O King! Stand!

Sing O siren, sing in chaste, scowl the horrid haggard face of time in etch upon the scene, drive a tear, a drop be seen. Cast the spell of hopelessness, sort the weak from what’s confessed and Sing O siren! Sing!

Stand O courage to what prevails, stand against the cries and wails of wanton, death and plunder, stand to rend the hate asunder, burn the last of love from you, but stand O courage, stand! Fight true!

Weep O mother, cry what comes, know the son you love is gone. Mourn in silent deafened sobs, deny the jeers, deny the mobs a single hint of fear. Weep O mother dear.

Come O mercy beyond this day! Peace be granted, let some hope stay and find the simple tinker, smile on the lane, drive the sunshine, push the rain, but come O mercy! Defy this pain!

Write O poet, bard’s tale be known of how a hatred here was sown. Draw your ink in blotted haste, and from it pour a lay that tastes of love and courage, fear renounced, of battles won and hatred trounced. Sear the wetted tear drop tracks and sounds of mothers’ weeping slack. Draw lovers spirit lost at night, and courage to overcome with might by just a handful of free men left, cast the horrid face of death, but write O poet! Write!


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30 responses to “Write O Poet! Write!

  1. certainly you’ve a touch of the rustic beauty of days of virtuous designs despite despair or the demise. I bow at your talent!

  2. Classic! Grandiose!
    A marvellously deep, evocative piece of writing, I will be coming back to this one I have no doubt.
    Permission to re-blog ?

    • Thanks! It was fun writing. Yes – re-blog as you’d like. Thanks for doing so. I’m quite honored. Turly do appreciate your kind comments. Thanks!

      • Hope you are happy with the result of my tinkering. I was looking for a simple “Reblog this” box, but couldn’t find one.
        let me know if you are unhappy with it and I will – er – well, do something about it.

    • Thanks for re-blogging the Poem. I am quite honored. Yeah – O haven’t seen a re-blog function, but I haven’t really searched it out either. But I appreciate you posting this poem out there through your site. Thank you very much!

  3. Pat Tomnay

    I’ve been sending your work to a friend of mind, who is enthralled, and wants to know if you are planning on publishing a compilation of your work???

    • Thanks Pat! I’m quite honored and glad your friend likes the writing. I will be putting a compilation together and getting a few bound copies… soon. I’ll give you a few to do with as you please. Thanks for sharing my words. I appreciate it and love ya!

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  5. Genie

    You are so talented, I love your writing style and the content is terrific too.

  6. nice….really cool…this should be like the battle cry of the warrior poets….smiles….empowering words…..

  7. Very intriguing work, I enjoyed it!

  8. Really enjoyed the flow of your words. Took me to another kingdom of thought for a minute.

  9. Sue

    You make me want to rise up and meet the challenge! Well done.


  10. Whoah! This is so drastically beautiful somehow! Aha. Your punctuation made it all the more lively and vivid to imagine.

  11. The voice in this poem is so strong and intense!

  12. Enthused by this call to arms: pens, pencils, tablets, keyboards, WORDS!!

  13. Very nice! & unique! I really enjoyed this! 🙂

  14. O! Jay this is marvelous. It speaks to my soul 🙂

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