This Dance

Across the shadows time pervades,
oe’r the chasms challenge,
against the wind and rocky glade,
and of the times’ bleak balance –
‘Tis soulful love endures the test,
‘tis two in love as one,
‘tis what we have that makes us best
to find us here in lea’s sweet sun.

Where now, today, tomorrow, bliss!
Just stuff of dreams our yesterday,
together upon a loving kiss
we stand in strength to stay.

No bribe to crossing shall we pay,
no altered step here showing.
Our strength is with each other’s stride
and all we hold is knowing
that ours is not a love of dust,
nor a temporal happenstance.
Ours is bound in deepest trust
that brings eternal music’s dance –


Filed under Poetry, True Love

2 responses to “This Dance

  1. Hearing you recite this would be a gift!

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