This Silent Brook

Sit beside this silent brook
where time has claimed
two lovers’ flame.

Listen to the hush of trees
whose whispers calm
the past long gone.

Feel the passion’d moment stir
a silence in the air for her.
Hear two hearts in pounding quake
this very spot, this true love’s stake!

Scant the whispered grey rolls on
between the then and now.
Faint the temporal echoes ring
and to this present bow.

Sit and draw it in
till thin your question grows.
Trust your heart, have courage,
until it’s yours whose true love shows.

Hold this moment felt here,
keep it close to mind and heart.
Grasp this time, this present,
and to the temporal so impart
your love…


Filed under Perspective, Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

2 responses to “This Silent Brook

  1. glo blue

    Had to read it twice my love. It’s beautiful.

  2. Thanks my love! This will be our history as well, for someone else to ponder upon, somewhere out there in time.

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