Heart between the keys expressed
as elegant hands and fingers rest
among the ebon and ivory stays.
Soul released and softly dressed,
that through the music all’s confessed
and to the ether Elena plays.

The sheet before her longs her eye,
yields to her in black and white
yet dreams adagio dreams of bliss.
So folds a chord across the time,
fermata graced beyond the rhyme,
each note a sensual kiss.

The keys in pensive motions bend
to catch the passion her fingers lend
to every subtle stroke of heart.
Each note in reverberation rolls
and carries captive with her soul
the tender love in every part.

She knows no hesitation,
her elegance dressed in no disguise.
She plays her inspiration
and shares her heart through sweet reprise –
and so Elena plays.


Filed under Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

4 responses to “Elena

  1. Romance in subtleties is always a wrapping of the soul in gossamer ~ you’re awesome !

  2. Thank you Deb. We have a beautiful painting, in darkest reds, of a pianist playing. It’s very beautiful, almost seductive. I was inspired. Thanks!

  3. Pat Tomnay

    She plays her inspiration……………………………love that line.

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