Book and Tree


Beneath this giant’s green relief
the best adventure shown,
between the covers of books untold
are truths of life so few have known.

With aroma of a warm elixir
mixed throughout the pages,
here spin the spirit fat
and mix such with the stuff of sages.

Breezes top the canopy
above this place in time beholding,
treasures of the grandest sort,
stories read and poems here spoken.

No time holds fast the element
by which this purposed moment’s dealt,
so in reveals eternity,
in timelessness and color felt
between the musty pages
wherein so many hearts have thrilled,
or swooned in love to spoken words
and thereupon such goose bumps chilled.

So deep within a moment’s honey
run sweet the blessings of book and tree,
beneath a giant, green yet sunny,
wherein my stories’ told for me…


Filed under Nature, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

2 responses to “Book and Tree

  1. there’s definitely a comradeship between books & trees– we get books from trees in a sense as well ~ Wonderful reminiscing.

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