Deep Green

Drawn between the mountain’s shoulders,
meadow green at alpine edge,
where just a call below does beckon
the open sea in echoed pledge
to kiss the mountain’s kneeling hands,
subdue the length of running streams,
vow love and honor for all time’s sake
and tender sure dear mountain’s dreams.

At meadow’s edge midst first row fir
I’ve built a safe and humble stead
with sage and prairie grass my courtyard,
alpine boughs and earth my bed.
Beneath the shoulder of mother’s mountain,
yet bathed in father’s sun I make
a solace for my soul’s protection,
where harbor truths, and dreams do wake…

Deep green, this pleasure seeks no balance,
for needless when my nature’s true
against the granite ocean echoes,
pushed by whispered pines and you.

You who’ve blessed my life in living,
wherein my dreams do conscious cure
and lift the weight of day’s task meaning,
thus bless the values truth, ensure
my heart seeks life’s desire,
relinquish tragedy and time’s misgiving,
protect and keep this blessed love
and in such bathe in your kind giving!
My love, forevermore…


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry, True Love

2 responses to “Deep Green

  1. Bravo ! Brilliant language that draws one to breathe in deeper ! LIFE is green!

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