Alpine Kiss

Across this windswept grand horizon,
nature’s form in lover’s bliss,
mountains stand ‘neath sun in rising,
entreated by this dawn’s sweet kiss.

Rapture lain around my feet,
great blankets green of fir and pine
awaken to this morning’s passion,
call for love of life, and thine!

How shallow could a man’s life be
if not entrusted to nature’s bed
where sensuality heaves in motions
of grandeur swept and sweetness led.

Here in the heart of love’s emotion,
breathing calm this morning breeze,
kindly granted sun’s sweet kiss,
enrobed in green and mountain, pleased…


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry, True Love

2 responses to “Alpine Kiss

  1. a beautiful and arresting piece! You’re a true mater!

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