Searching Vine

Midst emotion’s seas I’ve sailed,
unfurled canvas on wake’s deep trail,
with bolstered courage where fear had won,
afraid only to leave my search undone.
Yet my sextant’s plot was true,
through life’s strong tempests I was drawn to you…

Drifted dunes, Sahara’s seas,
my love for you by courage freed
these blistered soles and unquenched thirst,
until my eyes met yours in first
glimpse divined into our hearts,
your deepest kiss relieved my parched soul
from all its searching…

O’er mountain tops and canyons vast,
my heart searched long to hold you fast
and roll within such alpine bliss,
dwarfed only by your sweetest kiss…
Thus again, our paths entwined
eons over, in climbing vine,
‘tis you to whom my heart is bound.

In this life now again we’re found
in bliss of music, art and soul,
values’ measure in fullness rolls
into the thoughts of truth we seek,
so know our words before we speak.

Here know our souls belong as one,
and again my searching path is done…
complete here, in this life with you.


Filed under Poetry, True Love, Universal Soul

3 responses to “Searching Vine

  1. Romantic hearts always travels beyond what’s around the first corner & it always helps when we have someone to collaberate with.

  2. glo blue

    ‘this you to whom my heart is bound as well my love

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