This Life Is Proof

Where does the dream of mankind fly,
midst doors of giants and windowed sky?
How deep the love and longing keep
his soulful patience reaching high?
Where does the loudest lightening strike
that draws the heart of man to wake?
And what in fragrant forests keep
his love of nature for his own sake?

‘Tis here in mountains current sweep,
where blood runs thick from heart of God,
where rock and tree and sky compete
to win His smile and therein trod
the open eyes of man in wonder,
upon the depth of love so true,
that kiss in lightening and shout with thunder,
“This life is proof, no more need do!”


Filed under Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

4 responses to “This Life Is Proof

  1. Pat Tomnay

    I can see this in my mind’s eye. You hit the nail on the head for me………..

  2. Matrone Bell

    stunning love it love it

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