Atlantic Dawn

Dawn is drawn upon the rocks
where breakers still recede,
yet cling in dewy ocean mists
that soon to day concede.

Dappled greys of morning haze
deny the dawning light,
yet twist in trickster mistress’ hands,
seduced to blue on white.

Rolling cape exposed at nape
of neck in blushing sun,
bathes in morning’s warming glory
in cheeks of rose where love’s blood runs.

Kindly sigh the seagulls’ cries
that welcome home the crisp new day,
rise to exult heaven found,
kissed in dawning’s warming play.

Set in peace this sweet release
adrift in sacred sound,
where sun and shore embrace me,
as in their love I fully drown.


Filed under Nature, Perspective, Poetry, Universal Soul

29 responses to “Atlantic Dawn

  1. Nice imagery. I especially like the last stanza of this one. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  2. embraced by sun and shore and waves….no better way to start the day…sigh…i wanna go to the beach…

  3. poetrypea

    That was a great read. Passion came through strongly. Loved it

  4. I specially like the last stanza as its chilling cold right now ~ Good to see you at D’verse ~

  5. Great capture! I love the beach….

  6. “Rolling cape exposed at nape of neck in blushing sun,” caught my eye. It’s cold here…

  7. A beautiful atmospheric piece! I can almost see the seagulls and feel the ocean spray. I like the love expressed in the final stanza.

  8. hisfirefly

    now that’s an embrace I could get used to!

  9. ugh, beautiful write… loved the imagery, and the third stanza was def my fav.

  10. …words woven with such tenderness and peace… thank you for the positive atmosphere of your poem today… I’m feeling good after the read… smiles… I enjoyed it!

  11. You capture the imagery of nature like a Turner painting.

  12. this is such a pretty poem! its like a song 🙂

  13. sounds like a good place of drowning…i like the dance in your words…and the progression in this is like the dawning of the sun….

  14. love this scene at the waters edge. Serene and calming. I feel safe and embraced in reading this. Thanks.

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