In Loving Memory of Debbie Avila

The girl with the pen – (aka “I Have a Voice“)

It’s hard to believe that Debbie is gone. I know that for so many of us, she was not only our dear friend, but also a constant inspiration and source of continued motivation.

Her writing was always inspired and usually pointed toward helping us rise above, toward asking us to live life in its fullest.

Underneath her eloquence was a very kind humor. I once made a crack to her about a comment she made on one of poems where she likened me to Walt Whitman. I said something along the lines of “yeah, that’d be me, scraggly long haired bearded guy”, to which she replied, “ah, but you are much more handsome”… I will miss her.

Her wordpress page was entitled “Ye Shall Know Me by My Fruits”. I think we can all resoundingly echo that her fruits were many and her gifts true, through which we all came to know her well. And I personally like the subtle small warning of her page that states “Words Make a Difference. Use Wisely

Her most recent post, 8-Jan-2014, “Squeeze Tight!” echoes the truth of Debbie’s soul.

an excerpt worth keeping –
I do not believe that life was designed to DO or BE everything in this life span, not for one-self or anyone. (Thank goodness, or I’d never want to see another dawn!) Can you conjure how sweet and fulfilling an individual hug can penetrate your whole being? We all like, need, and deserve individual hugs, don’t we? Why…? Because we are only ONE; that singular moment should be fully experienced, claimed and LIVED in all its glory as our FIRST kiss! What do you think, my friend?

Take my word, you are farther ahead on your desired journey than you can see! I applaud you and urge you onward and upward!

So, my friends, gather your ageless dreams enthusiastically and happily, pick those sparkling stars that have been calling your name, take a handful of moon dust, and add a few cheery cherubs to keep you dreaming and aiming UPWARD.

In September of last year she posted “I’m Not Dead, Only Waiting to Sing”…

Oh my dear friend, how I know you are singing now!  God bless you!


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6 responses to “In Loving Memory of Debbie Avila

  1. I’m so saddened to hear this. She was such a sweet, sweet lady. I posted a tribute to her too tonight. She will be missed. Blessings, Natalie

  2. Geneviève

    I missed Debbie so much that I deleted both of my other tow blogs, it was too painful to blog without her encouraging me and being there with me on WordPress.

    However, over time, I realized she would want me to keep writing poetry, she was my biggest fan, oh my, tears are rolling down my face as I type… anyway, so I started a new blog and I know she’s cheers me on from Heaven… more tears…

    • I certainly know how you feel. I relished her comments and inspiration above all others. She pointed me to paths that I never realized existed. I miss her dearly.
      For you, she would want you to write and to and share the beautiful expression of “you” without hesitation and with courage.
      God bless!

      • Geneviève

        More tears, thank you, Jay.

        It’s me, Genie, just in case you don’t recognize me from: A Place Called Love, and, Palestine Rose… which as I said, I deleted both.. good to do so too, it’s given me time to grieve and recover.
        It was terrible too, during the Gaza genocide this last summer without having Debbie there to know how much it hurt me.. I left a comment on her last post about it… now I know she is with me and is saying to me: Ms. Shakespeare, well done! Bravo!… etc.

        More tears. gosh, this has brought up so many memories…

      • Wishing you the best in strength and courage my friend. May your spirit carry you to wondrous heights and your beautiful words inspire all!

      • Geneviève

        Thank you, Jay.

        As Debbie used to say:
        May God attend to your ever need.

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