My pen stirs slowly ‘cross the page,
searching, longing, reaching,
in hopes to find the worldly sage
to calm the word’s beseeching
this moment’s hopeful pause,
a chance to turn back time,
one fleeting glimpse before the dawn
‘midst crossroads held in rhyme.

Alas the ink bleeds fatter
where stuttered, grasping strokes belie
the struggle toward a good phrase turned
to sing this last goodbye.

~ for Debbie ~

She held us cherished in her heart
as brother, sister, child and friend.
She stoked our inspiration’s fire
and to our effort, kindness lend;
a point of hope’s reflection,
a tender smile in “dear”,
a spark to poet’s self-inflection
to boldly stroke the ink, less fear.

She echoed, full, life’s lessons,
inspired by Abuela’s love.
She carried true her value’s strength
and whispered thoughts from God’s own dove.

Her life steeped rich in courage,
her words and songs on waves still send
her fruits of truth, “I Have a Voice”,
from The Girl With the Pen.

Faithfully, my friend.

J. Blue
In memory of Debbie Avila


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24 responses to “Faithfully

  1. I am so so sad to know this ~ I have wondered about her absence ~ Her words are full of light & love ~

    • Yes – I understand. My heart has been quite heavy since I heard the news. However, she will always be considered in everything I write, and especially the manner in which I comment or reach to inspire others. She brought so much to us all.

  2. oh she would love this i’m sure… so sad to hear about debbie… read your other post as well and read her last post on her blog… tears… thanks for honoring her with your words…

  3. oy…a nice tribute…i did not realize…
    i have lost several blog friends over the last couple years
    and though i have never met them, it does not matter
    i mourn all the same…as we are family….

    thanks for this.

  4. Oh I did not know that Debbie had passed away.. this brought tears to my eyes.. thank you for sharing this, and your poem was a worthy tribute.

  5. I am so sorry. This is a beautiful tribute.

  6. Thank you for this poem, Jay! Sometimes people really have the power to touch others from afar. It seems Debbie was that kind of person.

  7. A lovely, loving tribute, I’m so sorry to hear this sad news.

  8. I like to douse with my pen. Yours found a true tribute.

  9. I did not know of Debbie, so thank you for the link which I shall take a look at now. Both pieces are beautiful BJ – a fine tribute to Debbie and a search within yourself and asking ‘why’. Thank you.

  10. I did not know Debbie, but I think this is a wonderful tribute. Loss makes us inspect so many things about ourselves… and life in general.

  11. A beautiful tribute to your friend Debbie-and though I never knew her,but I can see that she must have been an inspiration to many-am so sorry for your loss Jay.

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