Step and Repeat (Human History)

Cast and forged in nature’s fire,
setting sun, low, reaching long…
across the smithy’s face of soot
the glimmered rays contrast the gold
and hammered sparks of iron,
bent to will,
graced to twist,
blends in halo delicate,
beneath the hammer and the fist.

By might of nature, by strength of man,
these countries forged to bend the will,
die hard in heated steeps of anguish,
dig deep within, stand now to fill
a history’s tale of heroes gone,
epic lives, villain’s greed,
echoed o’er the tongues of young
standing in the shadowed seed
of what will surely rise to fall,
of what will fail in hateful calls,
of what will rise to mend the sum,
when heroes day courageous comes.


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4 responses to “Step and Repeat (Human History)

  1. I like it. Possible opening to an epic poem or adventure novel?

  2. Peter Notehelfer

    Nice to see your poems back up on the blog: I’ve missed reading them . . . You are such a gifted poet!

    • Thanks. It is good to be back. It has been a hectic yet quite fulfilling summer thus far. I was surprised to find myself sitting in my favorite chair, smoking a cigar and putting down some words last night. Hope to keep it up.

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