Autumn Hint

Moments dance in brittle waves, sparks between the autumn leaves, staining soft the shadowed hints of summer’s slow goodbye.

Dusk defines this edge in time, a poignant blush against the thread of season’s change, such sad lament, soft rose in deeper shadow hides.

Focus fades, day succumbs, autumn’s early eve draws cool, wraps a hint between the stars, appearing one or two.

Pull the night shade lastly, here, strain thine eyes to find the lines, hidden midst the whispered hush, summer’s secret stretched o’er time.

Clinging to the eloquent, flagging in the memory, drifting in the season spent, dreaming toward the one to be.


Filed under Nature, Perspective

5 responses to “Autumn Hint

  1. Reblogged this on Sacred Touches and commented:
    Still waiting and hungering for such as this!

  2. Peter Notehelfer

    I have been missing your poetry, Jay, and just recently said, Surely there will be a Jay Blue poem on the approaching autumn. Thanks for coming through brilliantly!

    • Thanks Peter. It’s been a long and busy summer. Haven’t found much time to write. So, it was a welcomed feeling when the day edged toward autumn and the house grew quite. aaaahhhhh…. take good care.

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