Winter Whispers (the Dream)


There between the fir’s snowed branches, whispers haunt in winter’s dance,
“Hush!”, she cried in rare defiance, “their whispered dreams don’t come by chance!”
Softly sparkled whiskers flitting through the early morning’s gleam,
whispering wishes for the new day held within this whispered dream.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille #24

Image – courtesy of public domain


Filed under Dreams, Mountains, Nature, Perspective, Poetry

31 responses to “Winter Whispers (the Dream)

  1. Love the whispers and whiskers of snowfall…rhymes softly effortless.

  2. Love the rhyming dreamy verses of the winter’s dance ~

  3. How beautiful. Your use of rhyme here is spot on.

  4. This is so dreamy, lovely rhyme scheme.

  5. Love the alliteration and rhymes! ❤

  6. seems like your words deserve to be illustrated and read all winter to children nestled in their beds. so soothing

  7. The whispered dreams don’t come by chance.. yes that is perfect

  8. This is so pretty.

    “Softly sparkled whiskers flitting through the early morning’s gleam”

  9. Faint echoes of a wintry Hiawatha. Love it!

  10. Nice image that…whispers haunting winter’s dance!

  11. I like the idea behind the phrase “whispered dreams don’t come by chance”.

  12. sanaarizvi

    Such skilled rhymes in this! ❤️

  13. Peter Notehelfer

    Spectacular, as always . . .

  14. Ahhh…you’ve painted a lovely portrait of a winter wonderland 🙂

  15. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I am not fond of winter, but you make it sound enticing.

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