Eternal spiral feeding,
soul and life returned,
drifting through the ashes,
another year so aptly burned.

Changing only morsels,
mixed amongst the grandest sweeps
of what it was, how it was,
and where it haunts the things it keeps.

Change, renounced reflection,
pronounced in halls of history’s fade,
twisted through accepting winds,
echoed life in all that’s made.

Subtle twists of fabric,
deep and rich in all that’s turned,
drifting whispered ashes
upon the hint of what was learned.

Eternal spiral lift me,
friend, as such, through aging’s hold,
coil my spirit around me,
drift with me as days grow old.


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20 responses to “Change

  1. This is a multiple-reader; several times through and I am just scratching the surface, The form gives the subject loft. Glad you shared

  2. Beverly Crawford

    I do love a rhyming poem! You are a wordsmith, kind sir!

  3. A beautiful cadence to your verses Jay ~ My favorite is the last stanza ~

  4. Love the rhythm and all that change we have to accept with age.. change is to live.

  5. A beautiful write Jay, I love the way you invite your spirit to ‘drift with me as days grow old’

  6. wildchild47

    This is glorious – has such a rich, resonant, old world feeling in its beats, its pace – it speaks with age, time and wisdom, and it worth a place among the classics. How delightful – I can sit with this much like I could sit with Frost or Longfellow – comforted and yet, challenged. Beautiful!

  7. I love your line that says change is the renouncing of what history has long established. Not always for the better for sure!

  8. It is a lifting piece of writing…almost like a thermal on which a bird might soar…or spiral 😉 Thanks for this lovely addition to the prompt.

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