Distant Rain


Sensual lines above the plain,
seductive curves of coming rain,
poised o’er sweetened fields of corn
whose tassels, golden, so adorn the jasmine jade and green.

Stretching long in verdant scent,
musk of summer’s soaking lent
whispers hope beneath its blush,
silenced, calm, poised in hush, steeping in a rain drop’s dream.

Low and steady, broken lines,
rolling, thrumming drums unwind,
summer’s man-of-war released,
yet held in time’s anticipation,
lightning strikes, no hesitation,
ionizing heaven’s crease.

Tis here I pause to count the beat,
retrieve the distance senses meet,
study past the bruised sky blue,
strain an ocher hope or two, as warm July plays on.

Hushing silk, brushing husks,
decry the rhythm in each of us,
capture breath at lightening’s twain,
count, wait, breathe the rain, before the moment’s gone.


“Distant Rain” photograph by Sharon Knight
© Sharon Knight
© Sunearthsky.com


Filed under Nature, Photography, Poetry

18 responses to “Distant Rain

  1. I just hate it when you don’t have to count the beats between lightning and thunder. It’s a flowing picture of rain coming, beautiful!

  2. “Steeping in a rain drop’s dream,” what a line! Nice piece.

  3. I love the electric energy of this piece. Both seductive and humbling, especially when the power of the sky “ionizes heaven’s crease”.

  4. I liked the phrase “steeping in a rain drop’s dream”.

  5. That waiting between the flash and boom… before even the rain comes… that is the most important

  6. a sensual poem, Jay, with fantastic sound effects in the final stanza:
    ‘Hushing silk, brushing husks,
    decry the rhythm in each of us’.

  7. Interesting how you sensualized the coming storm! The man of war and the counts between lightning and thunder all say it very well.

  8. This is so wonderful read aloud….the rhythm and word choices are so appealing to the ear.

  9. Sensual curve of coming rain…

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