Time slips in sips of passing vibrant life
as age bends to tend this quiet immortal wife,
yet waits escape in poignant water’s cool relief
drawn to shallows hallowed shore, counting out the brief
spent lives, resting on the oars.

photo courtesy of public domain20104146_40_920_1380


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39 responses to “Brevity

  1. Margie

    Well said and so true.

  2. “Time slips by in sips”, reminds me of the waves lapping on the shore. The verse is quite picturesque

  3. Lovely poem and lovely image. The first line sounds like the soft laps of waves against a boat.

  4. Lovely imagery in this poem and the accompanying photo. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I especially like Time slips in sips, and Resting on the oars. Nice one!

  6. I love the fluidity of this poem, Jay, which echoes in the phrases:
    ‘Time slips in sips’, ‘water’s cool relief’ and ‘shallows hallowed shore’, I have to say I’m happy to be ‘resting on the oars’ of retirement, although sometimes I wonder how I found the time to work. .

  7. The sounds of this works well.

  8. We both had time for a muse in this brevity poem. Yours an immortal wife and mine an illusion we ‘tend’ to too much. I like your conclusion of the rest from time’s incessant pull, real or not, with the sense of the resting oars in the shallows by the shore.

  9. “drawn to shallows hallowed shore” such a pretty way to put it.

  10. That sense of resting on the oars made me sigh…

  11. Beautiful reflections…

  12. Rich with images and sound. Beautiful!

  13. So peaceful and reflective.The internal rhyme is divine.

  14. Musical flow with reflective words. I especially like the first line.

  15. Beautiful imagery, the words draw you in.

  16. Beautiful poem – really liked the first line and that image! Nice photography.

  17. This poem made me sigh in a very thoughtful way. The ending made me think of what you meant by ending it the way you did. I love the profound imagery used here. Beautiful.

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