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Soldier’s Prayer

In honor of 7-December 1941 and all of the young men and women who gave of themselves and sacrificed so much to protect our freedom, I wanted to re-share this post from 2012 for all of you.

Please take a moment to pay tribute….

Jay Blue


In the Field –

I’ve joined the fight to do what’s right
in aid of land and liberty.
I’ve stood my soul from head to toe
to fight as men who’re free,
Through mountains insurmountable
and trials that no man should know,
I hold my creed to do what’s right
that through it all this truth will show –

“God bless the loved ones of my home,
relieve their worry and their fear.
Grant them peace in knowing
that we fight as free men here.

Protect my brothers beside me,
bless their step that they’ll not fall.
Grant compassion’s wisdom,
that they’ll do right when anger calls.

Find me in your vision,
grant me strength when I’m alone.
Guide my hand with wisdom
that I may carry truth back home.

Forgive injustice when it’s played,
grant me strength to forgive in same,
that if You call for me here,

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The Spectre

Another own for Halloween! Enjoy!


Softened shadows follow me
between the temporal poles of light
as dawn is echoed hauntingly,
reflected in this dusk, this night.
Yet heartfelt scent
on whispers lent
does bathe each silent moment spent,
that stands me breathing sparingly
amidst this hallowed fright.

The footsteps in the corridor,
in pensive creaks and strain,
bear the question still once more,
“who’s there?” in feared refrain.
The words once said
drift overhead,
thus beckon moans from one long dead,
that freeze me at the bedroom’s door
in pounding heart and vein.

Long the silence holds me still,
afraid to move or breathe,
as courage seeks to gain my will
and from this frigid posture leave.
Yet curiously held
by what befell
the one who moans beyond death’s knell,
I wait in silent pause until
I hear the voice in heaves.

Tis time immortal spent in haunt,
a penance price, my dues,

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Desert’s Truth

Worthy of another visit…


Spirit’s heart at horizon’s length,
‘neath azure skies that strike the sound
of echoed desert silence,
does rise in rhythm, call in strength
to speak no lies and bless the ground
with feet so drummed, no violence.

Expanse of land and eagle’s call,
draws canyon’s echo above, below,
so still the morning air –
plunge to valley’s depth in fall,
feather swept in roll to show
the fabric of all living there.

Yet great expanse, by nature’s hand,
grounds the very soul of me –
blends me insignificant,
yet carries tall the truth I see.
This balance here, all I’ve sought.

This fabric found in passion’s tones,
bleaching red and grey in sum,
culling canyon’s echoed heart
and where imaginations run,
so in holds this lesson taught –

“We stand amidst these finer things
of nature’s truth and simple love.
We, but moment’s beating heart
to draw it in and…

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Mountain Top

Mountain top in summer’s blue
atop this fold that lends a view
to sights that roll eternal…
Solid green
twixt blossoms seen
that hold eternity vernal.

This is my heart amongst the folds
of granite pined and crystal cold
of streams that source from truth…
That here I stand
a simple man
and to my soul lend proof

that I am one within this,
that I am born of love,
that all my thoughts are kept here
and granted from above.
















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Where Were You?

a poet’s epitaph to his muse

Where were you when silence fell
across the vale of season’s sunlit spring,
as hush of thrush was heard no more,
no life left burgeoning?

Where were you when “timeless” caught
its final thought to treasure and to hold,
and stood the wood in echoed ring,
still and haunting, cold?

Where were you when seaside crash
returned its thrash to waves left in the calm,
as foam and loam receded, quiet,
reducing shore to balm?

Where were you when down this path
my foot stepped lath was left to aging dust,
as rhyme and time reclaimed from me
and laid my words to trust?

Where were you when final breath
drawn just at death, was given back to earth,
released in peace to wander home,
rejoicing in new birth?

Where were you? There by my side
and could not hide as sorrow came to you.
My love, above this moment know
that I will always love you!

Where were you when Palm of love
returned His dove to grace your window sill?
With me! With me! And longing heart
for I am with you still!

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